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May 2017 - Sheila's "Captured Fire" announced the 2017 Grand Prize Gold Medal Winner by Fire Mountain Gems

captured fire winner

November 2012 - Sheila's "Chain of Shells" was announced the 2012 Grand Prize Gold Medal Winner by Fire Mountain Gems & Jewelry.

2017 - Captured Fire with the GRAND PRIZE Gold Medal winner for Firemountain Gems & Jewelry contest! (photos above)

My designs and creations begin by simply looking around, out our houseboat window onto San Diego Bay - many of my creations are influenced by the ocean and sea life - all are handcrafted and one-of-a-kind.

I began working with metal clay and taking metal smith classes when our son left for college in 2005 and have discovered a real love for conceptualizing and creating jewelry. Metal Clay has become my passion as it allows me to look at nature and sculpt what I see. The only thing I enjoy more than sitting in my studio and working with metal clay is taking a class in metal clay.......

I have discovered an interest in designs with 'movement' and am intrigued with articulation and 3d, as well as incorporating resins, titanium, pearls, fossils and seashells - to add uniqueness ........

...jewelry should make a statement - not simply be worn - but be considered wearable art